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افتراضي  Leaking all the specifications of the HTC U12 major phone
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There is still not much information about HTC's next major phone, which is expected to launch the name U12, however yesterday several specifications were leaked on the phone and when it was announced.

Leaking specifications major phone طھط³ط±ظٹط¨ ط¬ظ…ظٹط¹ ظ…ظˆط§طµظپط§طھ ظ‡ط§طھظپ HTC U12 ط§ظ„ط±ط§ط¦ط¯.jpg

And according to the famous leak, Llabtoofer, whose real leaks are known, the new HTC phone will come with a 5.99 inch and HD +, and it will work with a therapist. Dragon 845 then 6 Gigabgett in RAM, B plus another copy of the handset will have a size of 4 GB RAM, as will come with storage space within Yeh 256 GB.
At the camera level, the U12 phone will come with two rear cameras, the first with a 12 mega pixel resolution with a Sony sensor, and the second with a 16 mega pixel resolution. With the 8 mega pixel front camera, the battery capacity of the phone will be 3420 milliseconds, plus an optical reader in the Ah background, it will also be equipped with face-Unlock features.
The phone will be water-and dust-resistant to the IP68 standard, will operate with Android 8.0, and will also support the GOOGLE TREBLE project, which will help the phone to receive updates quickly, and by leaks the phone will be available in two copies, one will support the installation of two Sim slides, and one single SIM card.
HTC will be expected to announce this major phone next month and may be priced at $880.

الموضوع الأصلي: Leaking all the specifications of the HTC U12 major phone || الكاتب: كريستين || المصدر: سوريا توب

Leaking all the specifications of HTC U12 major phone leaking

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